What’s On Your WANDERLIST™?

Your “someday” can happen— with a PLAN

Of all your life priorities, time is your most valuable non-renewable asset.

Wanderlist® is an innovative online platform to help you prioritize that travel bucket list for you and your loved ones.

Think of it this way: Just as a financial advisor helps you plan for your long-term financial goals, your certified travel advisor helps you create a “roadmap” of your future travels. Your financial advisor maximizes your earnings, investments and savings; your Wanderlist® specialist ensures you maximize your leisure time and save money.

Virtuoso Wanderlist Specialist Theresa Jackson Enlightened Journeys Travel
woman in front of sailboat, Virtuoso Wanderlist specialist Theresa Jackson of Enlightened Journeys Travel

Combining the model of a financial plan with your bucket list, my goal, as a Wanderlist® specialist, is to collaborate with you to transform your dreams into reality – your wishes and goals into a concrete plan, and a lifetime of extraordinary trips.

Virtuoso Wanderlist® is a fun and intelligent resource that will create a personalized travel portfolio for you and all those you want to travel with. Just as with a financial advisor, this tool- and my consultative services- saves time, money, and most importantly, gives you the peace of mind knowing you have a clear path to fulfilling your travel dreams.

Why Create a Wanderlist®?

You have wanderlust. Meet​ Wanderlist®


Imagine having the world at your fingertips. Whether you’re waiting for a flight, settling into a comfy chair, or just feeling inspired to explore, Virtuoso Wanderlist®’s custom collection of videos, music, articles, and insights will keep you in a constant state of exploring. All tailored around your interests.


Virtuoso Wanderlist® offers a powerful combination of advisor-led expertise supported by the latest advancements in technology and analytics. Compare preferences and interests of your fellow travel companions. Map out travel dates. Forecast future investment levels. Smile at your savings in time and money.

How It Works


From computer, tablet or phone, each member of your Wanderlist® group- your partner, family, friends- will create their own wish list of destinations, and then curate their own interests. This fun personalized” walk around the world” captures deep insights your Wanderlist® specialist uses to create your travel portfolio.


The next fun step- one that you can return to again and again, is your own customized travel portal. Each Wanderlist® group member  Your Wanderlist® group will each have access. It’s like Netflix for travel: Enjoy hours of inspiration and discovery whenever you want. BONUS: Also available is information about seasonality, ballpark pricing, weather, and insider experiences only your Virtuoso Wanderlist® specialist would know.


Your Wanderlist® specialist then analyses each traveler’s results and collaborates with you and your group to design a customized travel portfolio.

Now, you’re ready to make your travel plans a reality with those who matter most. You’ll find this intuitive and thoughtful approach will save you time and money while giving you the peace of mind you will have the travel of your dreams.

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What Does Wanderlist® Include?

A yearly renewable subscription to Wanderlist® includes:

Wanderlist® includes a full suite of services including unlimited access to the online portal, reporting analytics and tools to understand all of your family’s travel dreams and preferences, a full suite of advisory services, and Virtuoso travel perks and privileges worldwide! Click below to learn more.

  • Unlimited access to the online portal for viewing inspiration and making adjustments to your preferences and interests
  • Your Portfolio that reports the analytics and provides interactive tools to understand all of your travel group’s dreams and preferences
  • A full suite of advisory services
  • Virtuoso exclusive value-adds in travel perks and privileges worldwide.

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