Theresa’s Top Travel Destinations 2018

Are you looking for top travel destinations in 2018? I seek to offer my clients exciting destinations that are a combination of (some) popular- and ways of thinking of these tried and true in a new light, some up-and-coming, and some that may push your boundaries. So,... read more

Vietnam Vacation: Your #GlobalLocal Answers Your Questions About Experiences You Can Have

I have just returned from my Vietnam vacation. It was my first time there, so I would say my trip was an overview to gather intel on what you can incorporate into your own trip. I looked for experiences around the interests of history, architecture, relaxation,... read more

Hanoi Vietnam Food Culture: The Story of a Restaurant with a Heart – Part 2

Did you already read the first part of my Hanoi travel for good story? Then you already know that I was invited to go on a G Adventures National Geographic tour to explore its charity arm, Planeterra as a luxury travel advisor with a certification in Sustainability... read more

Hanoi Travel for Good: The Story of a Restaurant With a Heart – Part 1

On a recent Hanoi travel for good trip, I spent 4 days exploring this bustling (some would say chaotic) city.  Not only was I seeking culturally immersive experiences, I was looking for ways to give back to the locale. And, frankly (did I mention Hanoi is, um, busy?),... read more

Vietnam Travel: The Joy of the Unexpected – A Personal and Life-Changing Experience

I have just returned from my G Adventures Vietnam travel as an #AmbassadorofChange2017 where I was sent “on assignment” to Vietnam on one of the most eye-opening and life-changing trips. Although I have many great partners with whom I had worked for Vietnam trips for... read more

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