Swahili Street Food – Foods From Home | Guest Post

I recently traveled to Kenya with Big Five Tours & Expeditions, a partner who helps me meet the bespoke demands of travelers who love to go way off the beaten path for deeper cultural immersion. On this trip, we were the first to experience the homecoming of the... read more

Africa’s Most Sought-After Safari Experiences

Exciting Africa! For those who would love their safari experience to be as in depth into wildlife as possible, with exquisite and sustainable luxury accommodations, all the while knowing that your investment in travel is the source to fund one of the biggest... read more

Botswana Safari – Part 1: Lessons Learned from the Leopard I Didn’t Find

The tension was palpable. My shoulders ached from the strain and I was on constant alert. Everyone in our vehicle was excited as were our guides. We were looking for a family of leopards deep in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The leopard is always elusive, a major... read more

Why Take Kids on Safari: It Could Be One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give

Thinking about to take kids on a safari? Yesterday I read that almost 50% of the Earth’s population is urbanized. That made me think: where are the pristine areas in the world and what protects them in the future? And, with all the modern amenities our lives provide,... read more

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