What the Global Entry Suspension Means (at this point) for New York State Residents

First of all, let me say I am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you upon reentry to the USA from abroad. It is going to stink standing in those long lines again, now made even longer. Second, for the immediate future, your workaround may be to travel home to... read more

WHY National Plan Your Vacation Day Falls at the End of January

Based data collected from travel experts (ahem), January is the ideal time to plan our travels for the coming year to 18 months.  Here are 4 top reasons why January is the perfect month for “National Plan Your Vacation Day”   #1 Because you want more... read more

Australia Travel: It’s All Still There

I intended this blog to be a recap of places explored on your behalf over the last year, but instead I wish to address the news of the fires in Australia.  I fear that, because of the amount of news about Australia, the perception is that it is ALL burning –... read more

“Christmastime is Here….”

This is one of my favorite Holiday songs.  In whatever way you celebrate the Season and its traditions, Enlightened Journeys Travel wishes you peace, and joy!   Holiday Family Traditions This time of year, especially, families will be gathering together or... read more

An ENLIGHTENED Journey Starts with Extraordinary Planning – How to Turn Your Bucket List into a Travel PLAN

What is more exciting than looking forward to a trip? Especially one that we have wanted to do for… well, forever? Or one that unites us with loved ones? Or one that lets us get away from it all? Taking time to travel, after all, is one of life’s great pleasures... read more

Extraordinary UK and Ireland Travel Experiences – These May Make You Cry (I Did)

There are some things that are too good not to share. Then there are things to share that are SO GOOD, they strike an emotional chord. And really, shouldn’t ALL travel be that transformational? Read more about my extraordinary Ireland and UK travel experiences... read more

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