9 Movies That Will Transport You to Latin America – While You Stay At Home

Theresa’s Note: We are still asked to stay at or close to home. We had a bit of relief this past weekend with lovely weather and the opening of some state parks. Those were too crowded for my taste; I prefer my hikes and walks on the quiet side. I spent my time on... read more

Travel Safety: Health Safety of Flights

I got an excellent question yesterday from Marcela Davila, who questioned the health safety of flights in this day and age. Replied to her comment on a post i made about the airlines changing the standards and procedures both in the air as you fly and on the ground in... read more

The Case for Travel Opening Back up: What I Predict it Will Mean to You

“What a time to live in! As I sit here at home, looking out my window at the gardens blooming (and wild animals roaming in northern New Jersey suburbia), I pray daily for all the people on the front lines of this fight against COVID-19, and support them whenever... read more

Coronavirus Travel Tips for Travel Lovers and Enthusiasts

Such confusing times for travelers! Today’s COVID-19 travel challenges can also work to your advantage. If you, like me, forge on in the face of Coronavirus (within reason), I can help you with value-added options while you plan. If you feel that, for you,... read more

Will the Coronavirus Kill Travel Dreams- and the Travel Industry?

If I listen to the news 24 hours a day (or even through one cycle), it seems the world is coming to an end in the face of a deadly rampant apocalyptic virus. While this is not true, of course, we are faced with a new strain of virus for which, right now, we don’t have... read more

What the Global Entry Suspension Means (at this point) for New York State Residents

First of all, let me say I am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you upon reentry to the USA from abroad. It is going to stink standing in those long lines again, now made even longer. Second, for the immediate future, your workaround may be to travel home to... read more

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