Ready. Aim. Fire.

I teased my Marine Corps son when he went to Field Artillery school for 5 months. I said “Are they teaching you the steps to success? Ready. Aim. Fire. In that order?” To have a truly successful journey for your vacation – one that fulfills your... read more

Post-COVID Travel: DIY- It just isn’t D-O-N-E

Hellooooo (hello, hello, hello). Calling out into the world currently can feel like yelling into an echoing canyon. You wonder, is there anyone out there? COVID-19 sure did put a stop to travel, didn’t it?  You may have been one of the people who had to cancel their... read more

9 Movies That Will Transport You to Latin America – While You Stay At Home

Theresa’s Note: We are still asked to stay at or close to home. We had a bit of relief this past weekend with lovely weather and the opening of some state parks. Those were too crowded for my taste; I prefer my hikes and walks on the quiet side. I spent my time on... read more

Travel Safety: Health Safety of Flights

I got an excellent question yesterday from Marcela Davila, who questioned the health safety of flights in this day and age. Replied to her comment on a post i made about the airlines changing the standards and procedures both in the air as you fly and on the ground in... read more

The Case for Travel Opening Back up: What I Predict it Will Mean to You

“What a time to live in! As I sit here at home, looking out my window at the gardens blooming (and wild animals roaming in northern New Jersey suburbia), I pray daily for all the people on the front lines of this fight against COVID-19, and support them whenever... read more

Coronavirus Travel Tips for Travel Lovers and Enthusiasts

Such confusing times for travelers! Today’s COVID-19 travel challenges can also work to your advantage. If you, like me, forge on in the face of Coronavirus (within reason), I can help you with value-added options while you plan. If you feel that, for you,... read more

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