Testing for Travel: How to Get Properly Ready for International Travel and Your Return Home From Abroad

With thanks to Wendy Perrin. Typically, to enter travel internationally, and definitely to return to the US from abroad, you need to be able to show negative results from a Covid test taken within a required amount of time. Reliable Covid Test Results It has become... read more

The Seven How-Tos of International Travel During COVID in 2022

2021 dispelled the myth that “no one is traveling”. I, and many of my fellow Travel Advisors and partners (especially those in Europe) are reporting a 2021 that met pre-pandemic revenues. Trends show that, while fewer people traveled, the trips they took were more in... read more

Your Five Biggest Travel Questions Answered

YOUR FIVE BIGGEST TRAVEL QUESTIONS ANSWERED The When, Where and How To of post vaccine travel Theresa Jackson, Travel Expert Hi and welcome back to the world of travel anticipation.  Well, for many, TRAVEL has already begun!  But you may have waited- for the vaccine,... read more

Can My Family Travel???

Hi Everyone! Because I have had many travel inquiries, I thought I’d post some travel information during COVID-19 times here. The question I am getting most is: “Can my family travel???” Yes, this is on people’s minds as they want to both... read more

How to Travel with Ease Now With New COVID Testing Requirements

Starting Tuesday, January 26, travelers entering the U.S. must provide either proof of a negative COVID test taken within the previous three days*, or documentation that they have recovered from Covid. My take? Yay, this is overdue, since this COVID travel requirement... read more

5 Reasons You Should Be Planning (and Even Booking) Your Travel Now

It has been almost 10 months since the coronavirus entered the US and during this time the travel industry has taken a huge hit as borders closed, plans were canceled or postponed, people just stayed home. Compared to a year ago, the industry is a shadow of its former... read more

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