Patagonia Dreaming: Why Planning an Outdoor Adventure of a Lifetime is the Best Post- Pandemic Option

Note from Theresa: Of course, I miss traveling! But now is not the time for unnecessary trips. Health officials are urging social distancing and keeping close to home as the best options to a return to normalcy quicker, so travel is out. I am still talking about... read more

Theresa’s Top Travel Destinations 2020

Are you looking for top travel destinations in 2020? I seek to offer my clients exciting destinations that are a combination of (some) popular- and ways of thinking of these tried and true in a new light, some up-and-coming, and some that may push your boundaries. So,... read more

Taking a Career Break or Life Transition: A Transformative Chile Sample Itinerary

Alison’s dream was to see and explore Chile, using the three themes: quiet, water, and adventure. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson created for her a custom travel itinerary that brought her to the Atacama Desert, the island of Chiloe, and Patagonia. Please... read more

Achieving the Perfect Vacation of Your Dreams, a Personal Story

Are you ready to go on your perfect vacation? Today’s world of info-gathering is at our fingertips. An online search can lead us to a vast array of information. In travel, the same is true.  We seem to have the whole world on our laptops with a huge selection of... read more

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