What is Sustainable Tourism?

If you googled What is Sustainable Tourism and you landed on this post, welcome! One of the pillars of my unique travel company is Sustainable Tourism (the other 2 are Luxury – or the joy of customisation, and Transformational travel.) Sustainability focuses on... read more

Planning a Multi Family Vacation: A Guide to Traveling with Children and Grandchildren with Ease

Families don’t just get together at the holidays anymore. These days a multi family vacation is a popular way for grandparents too who want to spend more time with their grandchildren – and leave a lasting legacy as well. Traveling with three generations is... read more

An Adventure in Morocco | Tailor Made Travel Itinerary Sample

Bernie and Barbara’s dream was to see Morocco in a way they would remember it not only in memories and pictures, but by its sounds and smells as well. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson created for them a custom travel itinerary that brought them to Morocco’s... read more

Cape Town Calling – Attractions in South Africa’s Port City

If you’re looking to get wild, “South Africa offers all the wildlife you’d hope to see,” says Myrna Arroyo, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Virtuoso travel advisor who recently visited the country on a group tour led by National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.... read more

A Luxury Eco Safari Can Save The World – How You Can Choose to Travel for Good

Did you ever go on a luxury eco safari? I used to love to primitive camp. Put me out in the woods with barely a tent, and I was happy to be connected to nature. I learned the principles of Leave No Trace which taught me more than I wanted about minimal impact on the... read more

10 Tantalizing Trip-Planning Must-Knows About South Africa

I just arrived back from my South Africa vacation and I am still amazed, about the land, its people, its wildlife, its culture. South Africa is a country you need to explore yourself to understand how it feels being right there. There were moments on my... read more

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