Planning a Multi Family Vacation: A Guide to Traveling with Children and Grandchildren with Ease

Families don’t just get together at the holidays anymore. These days a multi family vacation is a popular way for grandparents too who want to spend more time with their grandchildren – and leave a lasting legacy as well. Traveling with three generations is... read more

An Adventure in Morocco | Tailor Made Travel Itinerary Sample

Bernie and Barbara’s dream was to see Morocco in a way they would remember it not only in memories and pictures, but by its sounds and smells as well. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson created for them a custom travel itinerary that brought them to Morocco’s... read more

Cape Town Calling – Attractions in South Africa’s Port City

If you’re looking to get wild, “South Africa offers all the wildlife you’d hope to see,” says Myrna Arroyo, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Virtuoso travel advisor who recently visited the country on a group tour led by National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.... read more

A Luxury Eco Safari Can Save The World – How You Can Choose to Travel for Good

Did you ever go on a luxury eco safari? I used to love to primitive camp. Put me out in the woods with barely a tent, and I was happy to be connected to nature. I learned the principles of Leave No Trace which taught me more than I wanted about minimal impact on the... read more

10 Tantalizing Trip-Planning Must-Knows About South Africa

I just arrived back from my South Africa vacation and I am still amazed, about the land, its people, its wildlife, its culture. South Africa is a country you need to explore yourself to understand how it feels being right there. There were moments on my... read more

Ethical Tourism: How Luxury Travel Leads the Way to Making the World a Better Place

What is ethical tourism? The UN has declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development — an entire year dedicated to reminding us that tourism just isn’t about seeing the sites: it’s about connecting with local people and local cultures, minimizing our... read more

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