What is Sustainable Tourism?

If you googled What is Sustainable Tourism and you landed on this post, welcome! One of the pillars of my unique travel company is Sustainable Tourism (the other 2 are Luxury – or the joy of customisation, and Transformational travel.) Sustainability focuses on the GOOD travel can do- for YOU, yes, but also for the places you visit. This can show up in support through your choices of the economy, the community, the environment and conservation efforts.


What is Sustainable Tourism Explained on Planning a South Africa Vacation

Here’s an example of the CHOICE you have:


Traditional Travel

In South Africa, you can either book any old shark diving or whale watching excursion what everybody does and the un-vetted travel agent offers you on a Google search


Sustainable Tourism

You can rely on the research of an experienced luxury travel advisor to make sure your investment is a good one for all.

“My travel source is truly making a difference through research, conservation and education, and protecting the animals and environment on which it relies for a living.” ~Theresa Jackson

Every sustainable vacation includes an on board marine biologist educating clients on the Dyer Island Eco system and the Marine “Big 5” as well as the wide variety of pelagic birds we encounter.

In turn you become ambassadors of these marine species that faces many threats.

Two luxury travelers in front of the sign Cape of Good Hope, the most south-west point of the African continent, what is sustainable tourism

Your Choice Makes a Difference

This company is Fair Trade certified and provides logistical and financial support to its own Dyer Island Conservation Trust . They live by the motto of ‘Discover and Protect’ and believe that “YOUR CHOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE.”

  • They have supported some crucial studies on the great white shark which can ultimately affect conservation decisions at government level, and actively support the Penguin Nest Program on Dyer Island, run by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust.
  • The companies’ staff are involved in marine animal and bird rescues and supported the most recent project of the Trust – the establishment of the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary, providing temporary care to seabirds in need with a special focus on the endangered African Penguin.
  • You, as their guest, are welcome to visit the sanctuary free of charge.
  • Educational talks can be organised for groups at a small fee as a donation toward the project.

They recognise the ecosystem around which they work is unique and fragile and it is their priority to ensure the marine life in the area flourish and remain for many years to come.

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You can rely on me as your personal travel advisor to help you in that regard while providing the most in depth of experiences that can’t be Googled.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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