Botswana Safari – Part 1: Lessons Learned from the Leopard I Didn’t Find

The tension was palpable. My shoulders ached from the strain and I was on constant alert. Everyone in our vehicle was excited as were our guides. We were looking for a family of leopards deep in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The leopard is always elusive, a major... read more

Why Take Kids on Safari: It Could Be One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give

Thinking about to take kids on a safari? Yesterday I read that almost 50% of the Earth’s population is urbanized. That made me think: where are the pristine areas in the world and what protects them in the future? And, with all the modern amenities our lives provide,... read more

The NEW Luxury in Women’s Luxury Travel: Adventure and Support of Women Around the World!

A favorite outdoor active adventure writer friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of traveling and hiking with in Jordan, the marvelous Jill Robinson, recently asked an interesting question. Luxury Women’s Adventure Travel: What to Focus on to Feel Happy,... read more

On My Way to My First Botswana Safari … What do I imagine it will be like?

I have to admit: I have not yet been on a safari experience as adventurous as the one I am about to embark on in Botswana. I have been told by Africa experts (whose ranks I aspire to join as I gain more and more experiences and forge partnerships with the best in both... read more

An African Safari in Wildlife-Rich Botswana

Why am I going to participate in an African safari in Botswana?? Simply because Botswana one of the top destinations for a traditional safari with tons of variation. The country is renowned for its abundance of big game wildlife thanks to numerous conservation efforts... read more

Best Family Vacations in South America for Your Top Winter or Spring Break Vacation

Our neighbor to the South (America) celebrates summer and fall during our winter and spring, so it is the perfect time for a truly memorable family vacation filled with wildlife, stunning landscapes, and adventure. Find my best family vacations in South America... read more

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