Best Family Vacations in South America for Your Top Winter or Spring Break Vacation

Our neighbor to the South (America) celebrates summer and fall during our winter and spring, so it is the perfect time for a truly memorable family vacation filled with wildlife, stunning landscapes, and adventure. Find my best family vacations in South America... read more

Slovenia Travel: A Dream Vacation in One Small Country

Slovenia travel adventures are just magical. To say you will be enchanted by Slovenia is an understatement. Slovenia is a young country, once a part of Yugoslavia. It retains influences of those who have come and gone. In parts, it looks and feels like Italy, with a... read more

How to Pack a Suitcase for a Multi-Destination and Luxury Purpose Trip

Are you wondering how to pack your suitcase for a transformational luxury vacation that includes different adventures, activities and destinations? If your packing list looks like a copy of Moby Dick (very large), I have a solution! But it didn’t come easy. Read... read more

Volunteering Vacations – Bergen Magazine

A trip will do you good. These trips can do good for others too. Travel with an ulterior purpose doesn’t always work. Consider the sailor in the old song who joined the Navy to see the world. “And what did I see?” he sang plaintively. “I saw the sea.” Still, if... read more

Your Super Power in Travel: How to Have Top Luxury Travel Experiences

I recently went to Tuscany, a region I have been many times.  I love Italy, and traveling all around the country, but I go to Tuscany often to visit friends and attend conferences. However, this time, I decided to hike in lesser traveled places and in doing so I saw... read more

Luxury Family Travel: How to Plan and Travel the World with Your Family

With the right planning, traveling the world with your family CAN be fun, relaxing, stress-free. Helping our kids become global citizens through travel is one of the best gifts we can give them. We are increasingly aware that in today’s reality of the Internet and... read more

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