Join us on an exclusive Enlightened Journey to Peru and Machu Picchu- Culture, Photography and Hiking
April 27- May 6

There’s no better way to experience the richness of the Incan culture than up close and personal. Learn how ancient peoples navigated by the stars while viewing the night sky. Sit with local communities to learn and participate in their way of life. See bucket-list sites away from crowds in ways only available to a select few. Hike to stunning vistas. Learn to capture your moments and landscapes better on your camera of choice. Round out your adventure with private tours in Lima and Cusco. Have the freedom of flexibility in your activity choices on the way to Machu Picchu.

All the while you will relax in comfort and exquisite surroundings at the end of the day.

Highlights include:

Lima and Cusco Private City Touring. Explore each city and their treasures with an expert guide. Enjoy a Culinary Tour in the gastronomic world capital of Lima and a Market Visit to experience local life in Cusco.

Sacred Valley Exploration. Stay off the touristic path and out of the crowds in exclusive ways to visit bucket list sites of Pisac and Ollyatambo.

Hike to Glorious Vistas. If you choose, some days will dawn with the opportunity to stretch your legs on hikes in the Andes, where you will discover hidden lakes and beautiful views in less-traveled areas.

Immerse in Andean Culture. Visit in local villages with the community, learn from them their way of life and participate in some of their activities.

Improve Your Photography and Editing Skills. Under the direction of a master photographer and storyteller, you will learn to improve the composition of the shots you want to take, practicing in landscapes and in cultural immersion.

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