Travel Style: Group - Luxury Group & Couples Travel

Deepen Relationships and Transform Together

Are you interested in luxury group travel? Sometimes great travel opportunities come when we travel with others who share our interests or objectives. Luxury group travel ensures you are doing exactly what you want to do in the way you want to do it. 

We Plan Luxury PRIVATE Small Group Vacations

Do you like to travel with your friends and family?

A custom-designed travel itinerary for a group is flexible to everyone’s needs and far more immersive than standard group tours. Today it is possible to travel in groups just as you would in a bespoke trip.

Explore your passion be it food and wine, an adventure trip, a safari, a cultural exploration with others to interact and strengthen relationships.

We Match Your Travel Wishes to the Right Tour

If you want to travel in the company of others to explore on your own or as a couple, a small group tour could be your answer.

The best luxury group travel tour companies can make adjustments according the way you want to travel, be it a preference for grand hotels or small intimate inns, the finest dining spots or humble dives, and your sightseeing passion, from visiting medieval battlefields to meeting local artists behind the scenes to anything in between.

Get Behind Closed Doors

The top luxury group travel tour operators we work with can get you in behind hidden doors closed to the general public, grant unique audiences and basically make your travel dreams come true.

And if you want time for exploration on your own, you can choose to add on a natural extension to your luxury group travel to flow from one to the other seamlessly.  Enlightened Journeys Travel partners with the best tour operators in the world so that you are assured the best access, comfort and personal attention throughout your luxury travel journey in the company of others. Click here to create your own luxury group tour.

We Plan Luxury Family Reunions

Gathering the family to celebrate a milestone. Reconnecting over the miles of separation. Giving the gift of togetherness.

Bringing the whole family together is a joy – so long as you can relax and enjoy the vacation as well.

Enlightened Journeys Travel takes great pleasure in taking care of all the details of your luxury family travel so that all members have the time to deepen connections.

Where needed, we provide

  • A dedicated host or concierge
  • Chefs
  • Butlers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Babysitters

A luxury family reunion ensures every individual’s needs are addressed and interests are catered to. 

“The trip Theresa designed covered all the aspects of what my 2 girl friends and I wanted to see and experience in Italy and then some!!! Our private tour guides were wonderful … each with their own personalities, and added sense of humor, or history knowledge. The days came together very well…not too rushed and just enough in each day plus free time for our own moments together. The hotels were all beautiful, and we never could have found such perfect ones to match our desires. And all the parts you planned for us- you listened to what we asked for and created the most perfect trip! I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you!” ~GC, New York

Some things that can be incorporated in your luxury family reunion


  • Cooking classes
  • Art lessons
  • Biking or walking excursions
  • Museum visits with special openings
  • Special activities for adults and children
  • Dinners in exquisite locations
  • Wine tastings

Accommodation options are as varied as our clients’ dreams and can include

  • Villa stays
  • Apartment stays
  • Hotel blocks
  • Yacht fleets
  • Castle or estate stays
  • Private island stays

We even arrange for all transportation, including

  • Private jets
  • Trains
  • Boats, yachts or ships
  • Car fleets or coaches

We Plan Luxury Private Group Trips for your Association or Club

Traveling in larger numbers does not mean you must sacrifice quality or style. Your luxury group can explore its interest and have the finest attention to individual needs without compromising on the quality you desire in your own trips. Luxury group travel can be an extension of the learning you experience together at home or wrapped around a common interest or passion.

Enlightened Journeys Travel arranges trips for all kinds of luxury group travel, including:

  • Garden clubs
  • Literary societies
  • Religious groups
  • Musical groups and their supporters


  • Wine or beer making groups
  • Cooking groups
  • Heritage societies
  • Yoga groups


  • Yacht clubs
  • Biking or hiking clubs
  • Adventure groups

Enlightened Journeys Travel Makes the Group Leader’s Life Easy!

We can work with your group’s leader and

  • Design the trip
  • Present it to the group
  • Provide marketing materials
  • Handle the booking arrangements and individual needs.

We Plan Luxury Travel Groups for Business Owners, Coaches or Instructors to Grow Your Business

At Enlightened Journeys Luxury Travel we are passionate about helping you build your business by helping you create an enthusiastic following.  Our model of custom-planning your group’s luxury travel to exciting and unique destinations and crafting just the right balance of activities is exceptional in the industry. We pride ourselves in handling all the details, providing materials, live sessions and anything else you need to create excitement and buzz among your client base and followers.  Plus, we handle all the booking details! It is our intention to help you grow your business. You can ask us about our plan for you.

We provide luxury travel services for all industries, including:

  • Wine and beer businesses (wineries, wine bars, wine stores, breweries and beer clubs)
  • Business Coaches
  • Wellness professionals
  • Athletic and Yoga instructors
  • Financial planners and wealth managers

Private Group Travel Gives You Choices and Flexibility for the Vacation of Your Dreams

Let Enlightened Journeys Travel curate your experience to your specifications, and handle the myriad of details to make the perfect vacation. Our network of guides and activity providers are the best in the world, ensuring you have a unique and truly authentic experience.

Our accommodation options are as varied as our clients’ dreams and can include:

  • Villa stays
  • Apartment stays
  • Hotel blocks
  • Yacht fleets
  • Castle or estate stays
  • Private island stays

We even arrange for all transportation, including:

  • Private jets
  • Trains
  • Boats, yachts or ships
  • Car fleets or coaches










“I can’t say enough about Theresa Jackson’s approach to planning travels to get to know the culture. She expertly planned every detail of our trip to Puglia and Italy. We had the time of our lives while also learning much about the Italian culture and history. Thank you Theresa!”  ~ Wayne B.




Travel Styles

Luxury Travel Services We Provide


family taking a selfie on their luxury family travel vacation, luxury travel services provided by luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson, Enlightened Journeys Travel

Travel Style: Family

When you want the trip of a lifetime-each time- for your family, our luxury travel services team takes the time to get to know the needs and interests of all so that each has them met on every journey.



woman in winter outfit, holding her partner's hand and pulling him forward, surrounded by snow, luxury group travel planned by Enlightened Journeys Travel

Travel Style: Couple & Group

You want to explore the world and would like to do so in the company of others who like to travel in a luxury as you do. We are specialized in offering organized group trips as part of our luxury travel services program.



woman laying in a hammock on her luxury vacation in an eco lodge, luxury adventure travel planned by Enlightened Journeys Travel

Travel Style: Adventure

Luxury adventure comes in many forms, from being among the privileged few to explore a remote part of the world, to testing your boundaries with challenging physical activities. Ask us for our customized one-of-a-kind adventure trips we can plan for your within our luxury travel services program.



Image Source: Courtesy of Annandale Villas, New Zealand

Travel Style: UltraLuxe

Your ultraluxe travels can be created where you have discreteness, anonymity, private access, attention to every details and desire, exclusive activities in blissful peace from crowds.



woman riding on a camel in the dessert, luxury solo and single travel, planned by Enlightened Journeys Travel

Travel Style: Solo

You enjoy traveling alone but prefer to work with a luxury travel advisor in advance to create the most enjoyable and fitting custom travel itinerary. No matter if you are stress out from your job and seeking a mini sabbatical or if you want to grow your horizon by traveling to countries and cultures far away from what you have explored so far, we can help.