The Least Expected Destination for Family Travel With the Greatest Experiences – Jordan

When you hear people talk about taking a relaxing, fun-filled family vacation, many trips involve amusements parks or tropical beach resorts. Jordan isn’t usually the first destination that comes to mind. Yes, travel to Jordan. Family travel alternative: Jordan,... read more

Top Spa Destinations in Europe: Get Away From It All The Luxury Way

If heading to the crowded ski slopes, a Caribbean island or a cruise with (seemingly) everyone else is not your cup of tea, or you have “been there, done that”, why not use your break for true rejuvenation? Rather than rubbing elbows this year to get in a line or a... read more

Tip 9: What To Do For A Winter Break and Save Money As Well – European Spa Vacations

Dreaming about European spa vacations? Why not use your winter break for true rejuvenation and a chance to get away from crowds? Europe’s spa destinations are easy to get to and distinct enough so that you truly get away from it all. Spa vacations in Europe are... read more

Tip 8: Off the Beaten Path Travel – Traveling to Croatia

Is traveling to Croatia on your travel list? It should be! This small country offers the best in Mediterranean lifestyle, food and wine. Although it is a Balkan country, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, it has the air of East meets West; it can look like the Italy that... read more

Traveling for Fitness and Wellness – A Restart Button Addition to Your World Travels

So much of our daily lives are spent at a desk in front of our computers, in commutes or carpools bent over the steering wheel. We exercise to maintain a healthy balance in life.  We add mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, even meditation and relaxation... read more

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