Traveling for Fitness and Wellness – A Restart Button Addition to Your World Travels

woman doing her fitness exercises overlooking the ocean, providing proof that a luxury vacation can come with fitness and wellness offers So much of our daily lives are spent at a desk in front of our computers, in commutes or carpools bent over the steering wheel. We exercise to maintain a healthy balance in life.  We add mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, even meditation and relaxation techniques to calm frazzled nerves.  We understand that life is about BALANCE.

But, the daily grind makes it tough to maintain a healthy practice all the time, and we look to our vacations as a way of separating from it to reset out equilibrium just by being away from it all.

But what if we could also incorporate those wellness practices that are like a Restart Button to re-balance our lives, rejuvenating reenergizing us through a luxury vacation, including fitness and wellness?

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Imagine being able to take time to tune out the world and focus on the needs of the inner you …

From spas and retreats in Europe and around the world that focus on the total tuning out, to places that you can retreat to in the middle of a luxury touring schedule, today’s travel can be truly transformative and life-changing.

This luxury travel series will focus attention on examples of fitness and wellness travel around the world. Today’s spotlight is on CROATIA. I thank my friends at the Croatian Tourism Board and Gemma Greenwood, a travel writer, for their assistance in this article.

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For the fitness-focused luxury traveler, Croatia’s offering more fitness and wellness activities than ever.

two bicyclestis on their bike tour, symbolizing the opportunities of a real luxury vacation experience in Obonjan, CroatiaThis year, there’s an entire island festival dedicated in part to wellness: Obonjan.

When it debuted in 2016, this five-week island-wide event made a considerable splash. It focused on independent travel, providing a summer-long fusion of music, entertainment, workshops, art, comedy, food and wellbeing.

Now Obonjan is returning for twice as long, spanning from the end of June to 3 September.

The health and wellness aspect features even stronger than before, with an extended range of fitness classes (including group yoga and Pilates) as well as a dedicated wellness center..

It’s not just Obonjan that’s attracting the upmarket fitness fan to Croatia.

The island’s ever-expanding numbers of yoga retreats and active sailing cruises are doing that too.

Over on Croatia’s Vis island, yoga retreats are hosted in ultra-modern villas or historic 300-year-old houses. Future luxury vacation plans will include workshops, but a group of yours can be built to include your own instructors.

For Luxury Travels Who Are Ready To Explore More Than Just The Mainland Or A Single Island On Their Luxury Vacation

For travelers who want more than just the mainland or a single island, sailboats are serving up a fitness offering through sailing holidays incorporating yoga, mixing in meditation sessions and freshly cooked meals. Other sailing options could include cycling.

a family taking the train to start their luxury house rental, getting ready for her luxury sailing vacationThese week-long trips are epic and challenging.

Local cycle guides lead daily rides up and over some of the most stunning parts of the pristine Adriatic Coast such as the Split southern route  that spans

  • Split,
  • Milna,
  • Bol,
  • Hvar,
  • Korcula,
  • Mijet,
  • Peljesac,
  • Makarska and
  • Ormis;
  • or the Split Coastal route that stretches from Split up to Zadar, out to Dugiotok, then back inland to Zlarin.

At the end of the challenging routes, guests will have cycled at least 189km.

The reward of your efforts: endless blue ocean, grapes hanging on the vine, untouched national parks, rolling hills of lavender or pine, and no one else — save other cyclists — in sight.

Add in tavern stops for grappa, and freshly cooked meals on the top deck as the boat bobs in the harbor and you have the idyllic mixture of local immersion, a physical challenge, and relaxation.

But these luxury vacation offerings aren’t even the half of it.

split in croatia, inviting visitors to spend a luxury vacation for fitness and wellness thereThere are

  • swimming camps in Dalmatia,
  • tennis schools in Umag,
  • adventure sporting in Split, and
  • hotel-based detox centres dotted throughout.

Croatia’s summertime reputation of nightclubs and boozy musical festivals may never leave, nor will the ultra-upmarket appeal of places like Hvar; but for fitness travelers who prefer sun, sea and sweat, there’s more draw than ever before.

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