Why a Travel Advisor MUST Travel

My 21 days of travel with a carryon are coming to an end – as somebody who loves to travel and an experienced luxury travel advisor, I could stay out another 10, this has been so much fun, so educational, so fulfilling, so memorable.


One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences in Austria, the Italian Dolomites, and Ireland

Austria, Italian Dolomites, Ireland – you all were wonderful.

I tell you of my travels, not to give you a personal travel journal. Instead, I hope you take inspiration on the DEPTH and BREADTH your one-of-a-kind travel experiences can have, when working with an experienced luxury Travel Advisor who is dedicated to being a #GlobalLocal. For more on how to choose the best Travel Advisor for your precious vacations, click here.


My Current Travel Journey

Building Travel Collaborations

On this travel journey, I spent time with old friends who are local experts and hoteliers (even the chance meeting – my industry creates wonderful bonds), met with friends in person I knew only from marvelous business collaborations, made new friends and business connections who will be friends and mentors.

Traveling Off the Touristic Path Everybody Can Google

I focused on wellness, adventure, and exploring a popular destination in unique ways off the touristic path. My clients demand this knowledge from me. Their high expectations for the kind of service that delivers TRANSFORMATIONAL travel, no matter their interests, keeps me moving and searching.


My One-of-a-Kind Travel Itinerary

On my jammed-packed travel itinerary:

Italy Travel and The Dolomites

  • I explored an important Italian art city (not Florence) with an art historian.
  • I spent time hiking in the Alps and hiking, biking, and even tried climbing – even though it is not a favorite activity personally – in the Dolomites with a renowned expert.
  • I previewed fantastic properties in the mountains that all focused on wellness and outdoor activities for any level of fitness or interest. Some were perfect for families; others for couples; still others were ideal for small groups – families, incentive winners, people bonded by a similar interest – skiing or hiking, for instance.

A Head’s Up:
The Dolomites will be the focus of the 2026 Winter Olympics, as Milan and Cortina d’Amprezzo just got the nod!

Ireland Travel

  • In Ireland I walked, biked, rode a horse,
  • Foraged for food with a naturalist,
  • Hiked in The Burren to learn geology, biology, human and earth history, geo-political movement from a farmer/scholar/outdoorsman,
  • Explored the art of small production perfume making,
  • I walked through 400 years of family history with a local historian, sailed to and hiked on an ancestral island – abandoned but being renewed – with one of its last inhabitants.
  • I visited many, many accommodations from wellness retreats, to country manors to the best of the best hotels.

Travel and Food

Because food is always an important entry into any country, I

  • dined at Michelin-starred and Relais & Chateaux restaurants,
  • searched for the perfect scone,
  • feasted on just-caught seafood (some by my own hands),
  • tried incredible locally-sourced foods in mountain huts and local pubs.

Sustainability in Travel Reveals Authenticity and Creative Invention

Everywhere I went I focused on sustainability – in what the accommodations were doing in their hospitality services and their connection to the local community, in what partners were doing to provide excellence in experience for the traveler PLUS sustainability in environment/economic opportunity locally/ community preservation, in where the restaurants were sourcing their food and preparing exciting new menus.

My clients love to travel well – and #TravelForGood


Part Personal Journey to Test Out New Travel Experiences

Being with Family

I took family for part of the travel journey to our ancestral home and spent time with our Irish relations there. My daughters and sister then became my models for adventure and cultural travel off the touristic path in Ireland.

Keys to Open Hidden Travel Doors

I gathered so many travel insider connections, ideas and the keys to open doors for my clients in their travels. I collected so much content to inspire others to more immersive and adventurous travel. (And helped 5 new clients on their travel plans – I can work from anywhere!!)


21 Days Unburdened, Focused, Eyes and Heart Open

Imagine. 21 days in a carryon, unburdened, focused on the moment, meeting the right people who provide extraordinary experiences, eyes and heart open. Being the #GlobalLocal I need to be for my clients for extraordinary service, worldwide. 
That is what you can expect from Enlightened Journeys Travel.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2019, I’d love to help!

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luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!