Six Ideas for Thanksgiving Getaways to Gather Together As State Restrictions Keep You Apart

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the ongoing pandemic threatens to disrupt many of our longstanding holiday traditions. Interstate travel restrictions can present complex logistical hurdles while safety concerns have many of us thinking twice about spending... read more

Ask an Advisor: How to Prepare for a Road Trip

The most positive thing I can truly say about The COVID challenge is that is certainly has brought out the explorer in me and those I talk to. Are we traveling to the four corners of the world? No. But that doesn’t mean brilliant discoveries are not being made. They... read more

Ready. Aim. Fire.

I teased my Marine Corps son when he went to Field Artillery school for 5 months. I said “Are they teaching you the steps to success? Ready. Aim. Fire. In that order?” To have a truly successful journey for your vacation – one that fulfills your... read more

Post-COVID Travel: DIY- It just isn’t D-O-N-E

Hellooooo (hello, hello, hello). Calling out into the world currently can feel like yelling into an echoing canyon. You wonder, is there anyone out there? COVID-19 sure did put a stop to travel, didn’t it?  You may have been one of the people who had to cancel their... read more

9 Movies That Will Transport You to Latin America – While You Stay At Home

Theresa’s Note: We are still asked to stay at or close to home. We had a bit of relief this past weekend with lovely weather and the opening of some state parks. Those were too crowded for my taste; I prefer my hikes and walks on the quiet side. I spent my time on... read more

Travel Safety: Health Safety of Flights

I got an excellent question yesterday from Marcela Davila, who questioned the health safety of flights in this day and age. Replied to her comment on a post i made about the airlines changing the standards and procedures both in the air as you fly and on the ground in... read more

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