Yes, and … How a Comedy Technique Can Help You Have Extraordinary Travel Adventures

Great travel adventures require collaboration with an expert travel advisor to expand your possibilities. Have you ever played or heard of the improvisation game, “Yes, And..”? It begins when someone states something, you accept it (“yes”), and then add something to... read more

8 Things to Make Your Croatia Vacation Extraordinary

Is Croatia on the top of your dream travel list?  It should be – and go soon!  Already this beautiful Balkan country has become “the” destination to discover, and is on most “must see” lists.   But Croatia is SO MUCH MORE than Dubrovnik, its coast or the one national... read more

Best Ski Destinations: 10 Things To Do Without Skiing – Bonus: A Short Guide to Some Top Europe Ski Areas

Reveling in a winter wonderland in the world’s great ski locations-the Rockies of Banff, the Alps in Switzerland, Austria and France, the Dolomites in Italy … all conjure images of soft power, fairytale slopes lined with pine trees, huts and chalets to grab lunch or a... read more

Give the Gift of Travel

It is impossible to overstate the lasting effect of the gift of travel. Beyond the immense surprise and joy given in the moment, it is the moments that last forever – in memory, in the change in life travel brings.   It is the bonds strengthened when traveling... read more

Your Super Power in Travel: How to Have Top Luxury Travel Experiences

I recently went to Tuscany, a region I have been many times.  I love Italy, and traveling all around the country, but I go to Tuscany often to visit friends and attend conferences. However, this time, I decided to hike in lesser traveled places and in doing so I saw... read more

The Story of a Restaurant with a Heart: Hanoi Vietnam’s New Food Culture – Part 2

Did you already read the first part of my Hanoi travel for good story? Then you already know that G Adventures invited me as a sustainable luxury travel advisor to go on the National Geographic tour to explore its charity arm, Planeterra. This Hanoi Vietnam story is... read more

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