Bike Trips in Europe: Exploring Belgium and the Netherlands by Bike and Barge

Do you love bike trips in Europe? A great way to get to know Europe intimately is by foot – or, in this case, bike.  Slowing down the pace a bit from a drive or train and using back roads (or canal paths), immerses you physically and mentally.


Slow Down and Enjoy the Moment on an One-of-a-Kind Trip, Like Biking in Europe

And so it is that I am headed off to practice what I preach: slow down, get to know one area for better experiences and memories, try a challenge or incorporate some kind of adventure into your travels.

I am not an experienced Road Biker but …

A confession:  I am NOT a road biker hobbyist or enthusiast.  I LIKE biking, but haven’t joined a weekly group to go far and wide, climb hills and mountains.  For me, that’s why God made the ebike!  But I DO like biking, and spin class and getting outdoors. So, a Level 1 biking tour seems like just the thing to try.

What Will It Be Like?

The perennial question to any new trip: What Will It Be Like?

All I know is from my other travels to Belgium and the Netherlands: quaint towns and exciting cities full of interesting architecture, art and history. Picture perfect windmills and tulip fields (in spring). Cheese, beer, potato creations of all sorts. The waffle.

I imagine happy people – the Dutch, with all their orange decorations, are so PUMPED at sporting events.

But I know there is a darker side, too; one of war, of internment, of Jewish loss of life. I know I will specifically explore this, too.

So it is, with my basic overall understanding, that I am set for this biking adventure in Belgium and the Netherlands and what it brings. I am staying on a barge between bike rides, so that will be a “slow” mode of travel, figuratively and literally.

I look forward to what my experienced bike trip guides will bring out in the landscape, the villages, and all places we visit. I look forward to learning as well as the physical activity.

I will post along the way – follow me to see what it is like to slow down to have MORE.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2019, I’d love to help!

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