How to Pack a Suitcase for a Multi-Destination and Luxury Purpose Trip

Are you wondering how to pack your suitcase for a transformational luxury vacation that includes different adventures, activities and destinations? If your packing list looks like a copy of Moby Dick (very large), I have a solution! But it didn’t come easy. Read on. Do you know that feeling of accomplishment when you figure it out? It happens for me in simple things, like a puzzle, or in the more complex, the solution to a problem. I am feeling that today, but that is NOT how I felt yesterday.

But that is the process, right?


How to Pack Your Luggage for a Transformational Luxury Trip

The recent journey from a state of overwhelm to accomplishment, like figuring out how to pack my suitcase for this transformational trip that includes both, adventure (and sustainable) travel and relaxed touring with luxury touches, really started several months ago.

I was honored to be asked to join two educational trips that I know would deepen my expertise in two areas I love.

That’s the good news.

The bad (or difficult news) is that the luxury transformational trips were back-to-back.


Traveling from Jordan to Croatia

I actually have to leave Jordan to get to Croatia.

The mechanics of that and how I added more experiences in the transition aside, my most pressing problem was how to pack to dress appropriately for the differing experiences I would have in each country.


Hiking and Business Attire in Hot Jordan

I am returning to Jordan, not as an information-gatherer on the country so much as a documenter on the one hand of the special experiences and life-changing moments sustainable tourism can provide; on the other hand I am also attending a trade event to build relationships with those I know can help me provide those travel experience for others.

This time, I am staying at an ecolodge for the first part of the trip to have local interactions and long hike – so a real adventure trip.

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The second half will be in business meetings, seminars and info-gathering. The clothes (and specific equipment for outdoors pursuits are different from business)!


Sightseeing in Cooler Croatia

Next in Croatia, the weather will be cooler, and I will have city, country and sea touring. Fine cuisine and wine will be a factor (yay!). The travel vibe will be a mixture of relaxed and dressy.  


What to do?

I do not enjoy dragging around a large suitcase.

For one thing, it is cumbersome and heavy (I will always fill a large space with “just in case” items).

On the other side, too many items causes confusion, and I hate to start my day off confused.

I soon realized I had to MULTIPURPOSE most of my wardrobe and plan on doing a little laundry.


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open suitcase with cloth, jacket, shirts, hats, how to pack a suitcase for a sustainable and transformational vacation

So Here is the Solution I Developed to My Dilemma of How To Pack the Perfect Suitcase

    1. Needed for outdoors and hiking:
      1. Sturdy hiking shoes (no sneakers are going to cut it on the terrain in the Dana Bioreserve, plus I am with actual adventurers). Socks, bandana, etc.
      2. Hiking pants or shorts
      3. T shirts and a long-sleeved shirt for sun protection
      4. First aid kit
      5. Water bladder (long distances between water stops)
      6. Some camping-type accessories: headlamp (the ecolodge is lit by candlelight at night), plastic baggies and TP as nature calls (‘nuff said)
      7. A fleece pullover for cool nights
      8. A packable rain jacket
    2. I can’t repurpose some of the speciality items, but I can reuse (by doing laundry) some of the clothes for business and touring:
      1. The 3-4 tee shirts
      2. The 2 long-sleeved shirts/blouses
      3. the skort (dresses up well with blouses and a sweater)
      4. I can also reuse the hiking pants! They have an urban look, long and black, that I use often for urban exploration in NYC. Make no mistake, they are made for hiking, but they also fit great and don’t have a cargo pants look. Bonus: they roll up into capris, good for water-crossing and good for warm weather touring. And hey dry quick, too!

        And add a few items:

      5. A LBD I can dress up or down
      6. A pair of smart comfortable black pants for meetings and touring
    3. Accessories: Any outfit looks new when you change accessories. So I will bring scarves, a cardigan, jewelry (although I am making a point to buy from the locals for interesting new pieces) and all that is left to decide is …
    4. SHOES!
      1. For this trip, I have my hiking boots. One option is to wear them on the plan, or tie them to my carry-on backpack.
      2. The ret is easy, and suitable to all travel (in cold weather travel, the hiking boots would be replaced by my waterproof leather tall riding boots).
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How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase: Bring Shoes for Any Occasion

I will also bring the standards:

          • A nice pair of flats to wear with dresses and pants.
          • A pair of sandals for above and for the Dead Sea resort and seaside pursuits in Croatia.
          • My beloved Nike Metcons – not only are they lightweight, but I ALWAYS hit the gym (and they are great for the national parks, sailing, and cobblestone streets in Croatia).


On the plan, I wear my travel jacket, a pair of jeans I can dress up or down, a long-sleeved top and a scarf and a choice of footwear from the above list.


How did I fit it in my smaller rolling duffle or suitcase?

Compression bags! (eBags are my favorite!). Everything is in category and I can see it to grab it.

Everything is in category and I can see it to grab it.

Not bad for 20 days:

  • hiking needs
  • 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals,
  • 3-4 pairs of pants,
  • 6-7 shirts (short and long-sleeved),
  • my Exofficio undies to wash and wear,
  • “accersorizers” to keep it interesting,
  • 1 dress,
  • 1 skort,
  • 2 jackets (one rainproof),
  • make up,
  • toiletries,
  • my favorite ground brush for doing my hair.

My backpack will carry my electronics, photography equipment, and plane-riding necessities. 

I am ready!!!

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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