Insider Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Stress Free

Planning and anticipating a trip is so much fun, and certainly an enjoyable part of the whole experience (especially if you used the service, knowledge and reach for extraordinary opportunities of a well-connected Travel Advisor and his or her insider travel tips). If you want to know more about the incredible value a Travel Advisor can add to your travel experience, click here.

But, getting ready to travel can be a bit stressful. There are quite a few things to think about and take care of before your go. Here are some useful travel tips to get ready for your next group trip or adventure journey.

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5 Essential Travel Tips for Luxury Travelers Looking for a Stress Free Travel Experience


#1 Make Copies of Your Passport

Yes, you are taking your passport with you, but tuck a copy in your carryon (NOT in your passport).

Leave a copy at home with someone who can act on your behalf.

I always ask my clients for a photocopy of their passport as well, so that in the event the passport is lost or stolen, both they and I can contact the neatest embassy or consulate to get a replacement.


#2 Take Only the Credit Cards You Need

  • Take only those credit/debit cards you will use on your trip. No need to bring the whole enchilada you usually carry in your wallet.
  • Inform your financial institutions of the cards you are bringing of your travel plans.
  • You can make copies front and back or carry a list of the phone numbers to call in case you need to cancel them in your notes on your smart phone.


#3 Leave a Copy of Your Travel Plans with Your Loved Ones

Leave a copy of your travel plans with a person who would contact you in case there is an emergency at home.

Sometimes you cannot be reached via your cell phone, so a message may need to be left with your accommodation, tour provider, ship, etc.

Your Travel Advisor also should be at the top of that contact list; she will know best not only how to reach you but also begin the steps to get you home quickly.


#4 Travel Insurance

Yes, purchase it.

It will save your investment in case of illness or injury pre-trip or during your trip (applies to you or an immediate family member or traveling party member), lost or stolen baggage, or a host of other inclusions, depending on your policy.

Keep a copy of the certificate of that policy in your carryon.


#5 Take a Business Card from the Front Desk

When leaving your hotel for a day of exploration (or a night of celebration), take the business card from the front desk.

This will help you get back, as you can either enter the address into your Google Maps, or hand the card to a taxi driver.


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