WHY National Plan Your Vacation Day Falls at the End of January

Based data collected from travel experts (ahem), January is the ideal time to plan our travels for the coming year to 18 months. 

Here are 4 top reasons why January is the perfect month for “National Plan Your Vacation Day”


#1 Because you want more bang for your buck.

  • You would want best pricing on accommodations while availability is favorable. The fewer rooms available, the higher the price (basic law of supply and  demand).
  • You may want to go in a quieter time, away from tourist hordes, and this could be in a non-peak “shoulder” season.
  • Bonus: accommodations generally cost less at this time.


#2 Because you need to plan out the right time to go.

  • Knowing when good weather and temperatures that support what you want to do and see can be tricky in locations below the equator or in places with dry and “green” seasons.
  • And, knowing and working through what those mean for you  needs working with a knowledgeable expert (again, ahem), and a long view to fit into your schedule.



#3 Because you need to budget.

It is great to keep an eye on your bottom line and give your expert the time to find best time-saving trip layout to avoid costly mistakes. 

#4 Because living in ANTICIPATION of upcoming trips is far more enjoyable than sitting for hours and hours in front of a computer.

Who wants to have 17 open tabs and trying to figure out all the minute details? You have expertise in your career so you know you could better rely on an expert in travel.

That’s it- some reasons why planning for your wonderful adventures worldwide in the next year+ is so beneficial now.



What better way to keep excitement in the years to come?

woman with glass in her hand, overlooking Paris, a bucket list without a plan is only a wish list, Wanderlist specialist Theresa Jackson

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