30 hours in Amsterdam: My One-of-a-kind-Amsterdam City Tour

Welkom to Amsterdam and the Netherlands! Amsterdam is a fascinating city for any interest, and easily reachable from the US.  It is a major hub for flights to all points in Europe and on to Africa, so some extra time spent here can be done to break up your travels as well. Here is what I did in 30 hours on my one-of-a-kind Amsterdam city tour itinerary.


“For a short time in a city, pick your interests.  You are never going to be able to see everything – if you pack too much in, you won’t relish in the moment nor will you retain many memories. So, don’t treat it as a marathon. Relax and enjoy!” ~Theresa Jackson


I decided to try a new kind of tour for me and wound up learning so much more and connecting dots of history from all over Europe.  You can read about my personal reactions to what Amsterdam gifted me with here.


For a Magical Short City Stay, Pick the Right Guide and Manage Your Schedule

The most important thing in a layover stop or short amount of time in a city is to manage your time. If you are arriving on an early morning long distance flight, book the night before you arrive at your hotel if you do not secure an early check in with your Travel Advisor- a perk I am happy to secure for you. Next, I would advise my clients to have some experiences already set, with free time built in your schedule to wander.


The Ungooglable Amsterdam City Tour: On the Footsteps of the Netherlands Travel Insiders

Day 1 of my Amsterdam City Tour

Arrive Amsterdam in early morning, transfer to The Pulitzer. I didn’t book the night before, so I left my bags in their storage to start out for the day and leave check in until later. (Only do this if you are a good sleeper on the plane or are arriving from another close by city and you had a good night’s sleep).

apple pie, Amsterdam city Tour
  • Morning walk through Old City while it is still waking up, before shops open. Try a pancake!
  • Jewish History Tour with a private guide, beginning at the Portuguese Synagogue.
  • Ride a tram and explore the Flower Market.
  • Take another tram ride to the Rijksmuseum, grab an audio guide for a Highlights tour with narration. (If you want a more in depth tour, I know guides for that).
  • Rest at hotel, then ride the canals on the Pulitzer’s own private boat to enjoy local life and period architecture from the 16th century to present day.
  • Go out to dinner in the Pijp district or in the Joordan district.
Amsterdam Jordaan Tour, one-of-a-kind Amsterdam city tour

Day 2 of my Amsterdam City Tour

  • Morning Joordan neighborhood insider’s look with the head concierge at the Pulitzer.
  • Try a piece of apple pie (more like a cake as we know it) at Wilder.
  • Visit the Anne Frank House with your pre-purchased timed ticket (book several months in advance; there is no guarantee your concierge will be able to score same day tickets if there are any.
Anne Frank House, Amsterdam City Tour

My thanks to Finest Journeys for the introduction to Naomi, and to The Pulitzer Hotel.

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