Taking a Mini Sabbatical: Travel to Restore Creative Inspiration and Rejuvenate for Your Next Career

There is a special breed of courageous professionals and entrepreneurs who, after establishing expertise in one field, leave to get to their next career level or to start as an entrepreneur in their own business. I admire such people for I did the same thing. For those who are want to fill their batteries with motivation, inspiration, good confidence, and rejuvenation of their creative juices before starting or figuring out their next career step, there is no greater expansion of mind, body and soul – or leaving your comfort zones – than travel. Photo by Damien Cornu on Unsplash   My professional understanding of the process of setting oneself up for a future of possibilities helps me to create a custom-tailored travel itinerary that fulfills their desire, needs, and would give you the confidence to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone to reach your next level of inner and outer fulfillment. I would like to highlight my client Sam and his journey of self-discovery as he left a high-level title in search of a career choice in a field he could feel more aligned.  

The Custom Travel Itineraries Created for Sam


The Traveler: Sam, 49, an executive in a major US corporation

Sam is single at this time with no children. He understands the need for self-care and has in the past practiced Buddhism and explores other forms or self-awareness and spirituality. He loves traveling the world a has friends far and wide from his studies, family connections and in his career.  He has traveled extensively with work and has lived abroad in his career as well.  

His Life Goal: Finding a New Purpose

To recover from a stressful corporate career that burned him out, find a new purpose in life, and reenergize for his future ventures, in his business field and in a new-found passion.  

His Journey Dream: A Retreat & Adventure in Asia

To travel on his own around the world, first to visit close family and long term friends to rekindle his relationships in Europe, and then go to the Asia, to explore, experience, relax, and rejuvenate with a retreat and through adventure. He was also seeking relaxation, to absorb all he experienced to become renewed, reenergized and refocused before returning home.  

His Travel Problem: Organizing the Trip with Peace of Mind and Choosing Where to Go Best

Not having the time, energy, and resources to properly coordinate all the flights in an efficient manner and to make an educated decision of where he wanted his retreat and adventure to happen. Finally, how to create that relaxing quiet space to seal the healing and rejuvenation for his body, mind, and spirit he had done on the trip.  

Sam’s Tailor-Made Round the World Adventure Travel Itinerary:

As I got to know Sam well through our planning time together, I learned he loved both the spiritual side and the mind and body connection healing side of retreats. On his adventure portion of his journey, he wanted to experience a completely new culture he hadn’t before in his many world travels. He wanted to explore:

  • art,
  • spiritual practice,
  • architecture,
  • nature,
  • and culture.


Recharging Between Corporate Roles

“I needed a break to recharge between corporate roles. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted except an adventure out of my comfort zone.” Sam

  • He wanted an around-the-world air ticket itinerary, and save the last portion to South America for a later date.
  • Lastly, he was self-aware about needing time to reflect on his journey in a relaxing and beautifully inspiring and experiential place.

I created his travel itinerary based upon these elements for his personal journey after visiting family in Canada and in Europe.  

Healing, Restoration and Adventure

Since Sam wanted healing and restoration, I proposed he begin his time in Asia with that to calm and residual feelings from his unexpected career disruption. Following that he could have the adventure he craved in culture, nature and history for new experiences and challenges to build strength for future pursuits, plus visiting spiritual sites because he once practiced Buddhism and valued spirituality in his life. Lastly would come time for relaxation in a beautiful location. Together we narrowed all his wish-listed places to explore to Sri Lanka and Japan.  

And the Journey Begins …

His personal journey in Sri Lanka began with 13 days dedicated for health and well being at an Ayurveda retreat center. All his meals were included so his only focus had to be on his

  • wellness process,
  • concentration on preventing future illnesses,
  • re-loading the energy of the body,
  • strengthening the immunity system and for
  • internal detoxification.

The retreat’s location was on a beautiful beach, so each day brought him the joy of being near the sea.

Pidurangala Rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, Taking a Mini Sabbatical: Travel to Restore Creative Inspiration and Rejuvenate for Your Next Career | Enlightened Journeys Travel

On his last day of retreat, Sam was picked up by his handpicked private driver and guide for his 9-day adventure.


Day 1: On a Nature Preserve for a Game Drive

Enroute to a nature preserve for a game drive, Sam explored a port with history stretching back to Biblical times, and on through Dutch occupation. His game drive was in a secluded part of a national park rich in savannah vegetation and water sources, and internationally renowned for its large herd of elephants, several species of deer, wild boar, the dangerous wild buffalo, the jackal and very rare sightings of leopard. Sam was fortunate: because of an unplanned late start to the day, we arranged an evening drive and a morning one, during which he had a leopard sighting!  

Day 2: Staying on a Renowned Tea Plantation

After the morning game drive, Sam was then taken through lovely scenic route to the center of Sri Lanka, home to tea plantations. After checking into his accommodations on a renowned plantation, he had free time to wander in the plantation surrounding the hotel.  

Day 3: On a Traditional Tea Factory Tour

Sam was escorted by a tea sommelier on a tour and tasting at a traditional tea factory to explore this vital aspect of Sri Lankan culture and economic enterprise.  

Day 4: Visiting the Sacred Tooth of Buddha

For transportation to his next place of discovery, we chose the train for far better scenery than by car. Arriving in Kandy City, his local historian guide accompanied him on a walking tour, followed by a visit to the Temple of the tooth, which is known to be the most important place for the present Buddhist because it is the final resting place of the sacred tooth relic of Buddha known as “Sri Dalada Maligawa.” It is famous for its carvings and the beautiful art that is unique to Sri Lanka. Kandy is not only in a beautiful location surrounded hills and with a picturesque lake, it is also the center for Buddhist cultural affairs with meditation centers and Buddhist publication societies. I knew Sam had practiced Buddhism so this area would resonate with him.  

Day 5: Botanical Garden, Tea & Art

Today Sam had a tour of the Royal Botanical Garden, accompanied by an expert botanist, before having free time to explore and shop. After lunch and a rest, he was taken to the home of a well-known painter and musician to enjoy a cup of tea with him and be taken through his art gallery. Later, his host demonstrated his virtuosity on the sitar.  

Day 6: Visiting a World Heritage Site

This day brought travel to a new part of Sri Lanka and to a World Heritage site dating back to the 1st century BC. With a historian guide, Sam explored a complex of caves with ancient carved images and inscriptions, over 150 images of the Buddha from later occupation, including a colossal one, an a 19th century temple to view evolution of Sri Lankan art and material from many eras. After checking into his hotel and relaxing, he then was taken to a small temple to observe preaching and the evening worship practices of the local villagers.  

Day 7: Exploring the Rock Fortress & Eating with Locals

Today Sam journeyed early in the morning to visit, free from tourist hordes, a World Heritage site. The Rock Fortress, and its Lion Rock is one of the major attractions in Sri Lanka. He explored with his guide the water gardens and frescos of the citadel complex rising from the jungle, and then climbed to the summit with the feeling that he truly had the place to himself. Returning to his hotel for a shower and some relaxation, he then was invited for lunch to a local farmer’s home converted to a restaurant overlooking paddy fields to have a cooking lesson from the housewife in preparing the meal to share with the owners. After lunch he went on with his history expert guide to another World Heritage site to explore the glory of Sri Lanka’s past in a royal palace complex, to witness ancient methods of preserving water in reservoirs, to see more evidence of Buddhism and to explore Hinduism in Sri Lanka.  

Day 8: Discover Anuradhapura

Sam was treated to a discovery of Anuradhapura, yet another World heritage site- the first capital and center of the island’s Buddhist civilization in the grandest city of ancient Sri Lanka. He was astounded by one of the largest ancient structures at over 400 feet high, the Jethawanaramaya, that once housed over 10,000 monks. He visited man-made ponds, including the Elephant Pond where underground canals still work, centuries after their creation to supply water to the monks in a nearby monastery. After the visit and lunch and rest at his hotel, he went on an evening guide hike to the ancient forest monastery of the Pudurangaia Rock, a 2 hour climb and descent and a spectacular sunset view at the top.  

Day 9: Relaxing at the Beach

On his last day, Sam was transported to his last hotel, a beach resort near the airport to unwind and get ready for his flight to Japan the following day.  

The Last Days of Sam’s Trip

After spending a few days in Tokyo with old friends, where he once lived and worked, my travel itinerary for Sam sent him to a luxury ryokan in Hakone with his own private plunge hot spring pool overlooking Mount Fuji. He traveled there by first class train and spent the next few days exploring the area on hikes and visiting museums and parks. All his meals were customized to his dietary needs and he spent the time absorbing all the experiences he had before returning to Tokyo airport by private transfer and on to home.  

Sam’s Experience:

Although Sam had thought he would have his adventure time first before the retreat, both the lack of availability and my suggestion that he take time to “just breathe” in the beginning won out in the end. His curated journey incorporated his love of art, history, culture, nature and physical challenge, and allowed exploration of his spirituality. An important element was his retreat, which he said allowed his body to be cared for, his mind to quieted, and his soul to heal.

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“I needed a break to recharge between corporate roles. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted except an adventure out of my comfort zone. Theresa proved to be the perfect partner to put together my Round the World sabbatical. She was patient, thoughtful, full of extremely good suggestions, and really understood the space I was in. My trip included quality time with friends and family, an Ayurveda Yoga retreat to recharge physically, and fascinating sightseeing through Sri Lanka and Japan. I thoroughly enjoyed every experience, and the trip came together and executed flawlessly. I travel all the time for work, it was a real delight to enjoy travel again for pleasure.” ~Sam


How Did this Trip Set Sam Up for the Next Phase of His Life?

“As I set off around the World, I thought I would quickly recharge and then spend my quiet time planning for the next chapter of my carrier. It turned out that this journey become about personally recharging physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The complete change in routine and location allowed me to relax, recharge, and get excited again about travel. I met incredible people, had amazing experiences, and saw a whole new side of the world. Now I am home, I feel truly refreshed and recharged and set to tackle my next chapter. I did not realize the toll the corporate life takes on one in so many ways. This journey was the perfect antidote!” ~Sam

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