Travel In Jordan: 10 Extraordinary Reasons to Go to Jordan Right Now

travel in Jordan

Jordan, for such a small country, is filled with more wonders than some countries twice or more its size. In other articles about travel in Jordan, I have raved about the food, the friendliness of her people, the opportunities for adventure and the innovative sustainable travel measures the country has devised.

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To-Do List for Travel In Jordan

But it is time for a list to give you an idea of the depth and breadth of experiences you can have in Jordan. Any of these added to your individual, group or family trip to Jordan will make memories for a lifetime.

Citadel hill in Aman, travel in Jordan


Aman, the capital city, is an open-air museum.

The Roman amphitheater in its cultural center recently hosted its first opera- La Traviata- with international artists. The Citadel hill is filled with ancient ruins. The shops and eateries of Rainbow Street are cultural immersion into the city inhabitants’ daily lives. There are quite a few other museums such as the Children’s’, the Folklore, and the Royal Automobile Museum showcases vehicles each with own story of who owned it and what it was used for.

authentic Jordan food, travel in Jordan


Mansaf (a dish of lamb, rice and a dry yoghurt sauce), falafel, and numerous other fresh and delicious dishes will please anyone.

And vegetarians need not worry- many traditional dishes are vegetarian.

There is local wine; my favorite winery is St Georges- go for wine tasting!

cup of coffee with chocolate in a cafe in Jordan, travel in Jordan

Historical sites also show there was winemaking in history throughout Jordan. There are microbreweries as well, Karak Ale among the best.

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Roman Columns in Jerash, Jordan, travel in Jordan


The site is generally acknowledged to be one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world!

The paved streets still bear the markings of chariots, and both these and colonnaded streets led you past soaring temples, theaters, spacious public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls with towers and gates. It is a history buff’s dream! It has been buried under sand for centuries, so its ongoing excavation and lack of barriers leave you feeling like an archaeologist yourself, making an exciting discovery.

Mount Nebo in Jordan, travel in Jordan

Religious History Sites in Jordan

  • Explore the Holy Land in Jordan.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan: The site along the banks to the Jordan River which scholars and religious leaders have said the Baptism of Jesus and the works of John the Baptist are likely to have taken place.
  • Madaba: Oldest mosaic floor and largest map of the Holy Land. The town has one of best restaurants I have eaten in as well.
  • Mount Nebo: The site from which Moses looked upon the Holy Land.
Caves in Petra, Jordan, travel in Jordan


And Petra by night.

Day hikes in the area are awesome because it Isn’t just the Treasury, that one iconic picture you see everywhere. It is an ancient city that was along the trading routes. There is evidence of the arts, a  sophisticated water system, and various architectures from Nebataen and Roman times.

Wadi Rum in Jordan, travel in Jordan

Wadi Rum:

The vast red desert is home to many activities, and opportunities for immersive cultural experiences with the Bedouin inhabitants.

Adventure lovers can go for 4×4 jeep rides, a desert camel trek, camp with Bedouins and have dinner with them, hot air balloon, to name just a few. Star gazing is an amazing activity in the expansive desert sky- no light pollution here! The Lawrence of Arabia story took place here, and it is a movie goer’s dream: The Martian was filmed here.

mosaic floor tile in fish shape, travel in Jordan


This fisherman town on the Red Sea has a beach culture and access to all kinds of water sports.

Travel in Jordan means it is a year round destination for sun lovers because of its moderate year round. Scuba diving great here, as is sailing and golf. Accommodations range from family hotels to villas and resorts, making this a great vacation destination.

Dead Sea in Jordan, travel in Jordan

The Dead Sea:

The oldest natural spa in the world, even Cleopatra came for the restorative waters and mud!

It is the lowest point on earth, and so has the highest level of oxygen. Another year-round destination, the climate is warm year round. Besides the extraordinary buoyancy of its waters, go for the resorts (The Kempinski is one of my favorites) and great spas; leave feeling renewed.

man swimming in Dead Sea water in Jordan, travel in Jordan


If you like your experiences fresh as can be, go on an adventure on your Jordan vacation and hike along the Jordan Trail in whole or just one of 52 sections.

Each section leads to a community to visit for as long or as little as you like for true locally sourced immersion! Or go for swimming under waterfall in the canyon called the Wadi Mujib, go off road on a bike, go canyoning, sky diving, hot air ballooning.

Feynan Eco Lodge in Jordan | Travel in Jordan

An Ecolodge Stay:

One of the world’s best ecolodges is in Jordan.

Feynan Eco Lodge is recognized as such by National Geographic. Here I found exquisite accommodation in natural surroundings among a small community of Bedouin families. There are other ecolodges that dot the country, particularly in the Wadi Gur. It is a place of true connection to the destination worthy of any part of your trip to Jordan.

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“Jordan is a place that deserves to be discovered.”



Feynan Eco Lodge Suite in Jordan, travel in Jordan

It is the kind of place that will delight and astound even the most well-traveled. Although I travel all over the world, Jordan is a place that calls me back again and again, and each time I experience something new.

And each time I leave, I am ready to return to travel in Jordan again.

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camel in Petra, Jordan, travel in Jordan

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