Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia: Travel Before Christmas Can Get You in the Holiday Mood

European Christmas Markets

Christmas is a special time, and the season leading up to it- Advent – builds the anticipation and good cheer. In Europe, Christmas markets abound filled with delicious goodies, lovely decorative items and Gluwein to warm the heart. Concerts and performances grace stages and churches. Every night there seems to be a reason to draw people out into chilly evenings.

There are tons of great markets to experience, from the super grand, like Nuremburg’s, to multi-locational, like Berlin. When I lived in Stuttgart, we loved its adherence to huts decorated with natural materials solely. Small town markets are so quaint and romantic. Markets typically open after the first week or Sunday of Advent and run until Christmas Eve.

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But because of their popularity, many extend through New Year’s. When planning your travel during the holidays, a trip to the market can be a lovely activity to prolong your holiday spirit.

A Secret European Advent Market Must-Seen: Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia

One Advent market that has won international acclaim the past 2 years is the one in Zagreb, Croatia. There is plenty of family fun in this festively decorated city with its Old World charm (it was, after all, a stop along the Orient Express route, and its sister cities include Belgrade, Budapest and Prague).

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Jingling bells sound out around the city and mix with the scent of gingerbread, mulled wine, delicious sausages and many other authentic goodies.

Dance your night away on Tomislav Square, on Zrinjevac, in the Upper Town, in Tomićeva Street, on Ban Jelačić Square.

Zagreb, Croatia - dancing in squares at Christmas market

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Skate in the beautiful ice park in front of the magnificent concert hall. Listen to concerts performed from the city’s Baroque balconies.

Zagreb, Croatia - Christmas concerts from the balcony


Traditionalists can visit the live nativity scene and everyone should experience A Christmas Carol in a 3D experience in the Tunnel.

Zagreb, Croatia - Advents Square Christmas Market


Of course, you will find treasures to treasure forever from the stalls lining the streets.

Christmas Market in Zagreb, Croatia

Advent in Europe is sure to enhance the pleasure and preparation for your holiday season.

Why not try the best the World has to offer in Zagreb as a part of your travels?

Where to Stay

I suggest you enhance your stay with the Old World feel at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, which has the perfect mixture of harkening back to its past as THE hotel in town for Orient Express travelers (and their Louis Vuitton trunks) and the touches of modern luxury.

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