Sustainable Tourism: How Luxury Travel Can Make the World a Better Place – Travel for Good

What is sustainable tourism? Sustainable travel is about traveling and connecting with local people and local cultures, minimizing our impact on the environment, and growing local economies. It is about growing peace through understanding. The UN had declared 2017... read more

The Busy Executive’s Guide to Fulfilling Travel

I love successful people! They are inspirations in business.  Many are inspirational in life as well. The Richard Bransons, Bill Gates and those who are my clients not only create great wealth and value, they greatly contribute to the world. Sometimes, though, while... read more

Plan a Trip to New York City: Cool (and Sustainable) Discoveries in NYC to Get You Off the Beaten Path

Theresa’s How to Plan a Trip to New York City Secret Guide for travelers who love authentic travel experiences and sustainability: I love New York City. All the boroughs hold fascinating discoveries. Once you get off the touristic path, you delve into the past... read more

7 Ways to Never Wait on Line at Tourist Attractions

More people are traveling which means more crowding at the popular tourist must-sees. But are long lines in the heat/cold/rain/ with bored teens or cranky kids your vacation ideal? Probably not – vacations are supposed to be fun, interesting, exciting. There are... read more

Reasons to Travel: How to Enrich Your Life in 2018 Through Traveling

What are your reasons to travel in 2018? Do you have new year resolutions? I know I have made some I will break, but figure it is better to set lofty goals than none at all. The way I look at it, if reaching higher raises me above where I am now, the gold is in the... read more

Croatian Cuisine: Croatian Goddesses, Local Flavors, and Hidden Gems

I love the Croatian cuisine! I have travelled to Croatia to explore the land, but right now, I had no idea where I am headed.  My hostess, Ivanna, with a sweet smile but devious twinkle in her eye said “Do not worry – you will love it.” My guide... read more

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