Top 10 Exclusive Private Luxury Experiences to Have in Croatia

It’s no secret; Croatia is a wonderland of beautiful landscapes, delicious food and wine, sun and sea. With its growing popularity, how do you escape unwanted crowds and make sure you are having the best experiences, according to your discerning tastes? A privately designed luxury Croatia travel itinerary opens the doors to hidden access the public just cannot access.

So when your travel has to be the best it can be, here are 10 of the most exclusive experiences you can have in Croatia.

Ten Luxury Croatia Experiences Only Travel Insiders Know About

I. Wake up to the views of old city of Dubrovnik in most amazing boutique style properties

Staying close to old city of Dubrovnik has big advantage as waking up to direct views of old town is priceless.

II. Experience hidden and secluded family owned restaurants with farm to table food

Croatia and the whole region is very famous for its food and wine, but going into wrong restaurant can result in touristy experience. We don’t want that to happen. Family owned, secluded, and vetted for you by me and my experts yield best harvest of dining for you.

III. Sleep on your own island in a private villa

Yes, having private beach or villa is a luxurious experience, but seclusion is the ultimate in privacy! We can make sure you have the whole island to yourself! The Croatian coastline is dotted with thousands of islands- let me find the perfect one for you.

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IV. Get on the yacht not just for the day and go island hopping

Forget about cruises and set schedules! Cruising on your own yacht is totally different world. Fully crewed, you set your own pace of discovery and relaxation. Pull into private coves to swim, small ports for locally exquisite lunches and enjoy sumptuous meals aboard your floating luxury accommodations while toasting the sunset with a glass of exceptional wine.

V. Take a panoramic helicopter ride overlooking the Adriatic and Montenegro

From the air the breathtaking Adriatic coastline and Montenegro can be had in one flight. After seeing luxury Croatia from bird’s eye perspective, the spectacular blues and greens of the Dalmatian area, and the gorgeous bay of Kotor you can touch down for lunch at a yacht club in Montenegro or take a fast boat to a seaside gourmet dining experience. This is the ultimate in romance!


luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on a private yacht in Croatia, Top 10 Exclusive Private Luxury Croatia Experiences you can have

VI. Have sunset dinner on one of the secluded beaches with private server and chef

Speaking of your most important romantic moments, why have dinner in a restaurant, when you can have a secluded beach and serve fresh catch of the day? A memorable way to celebrate your union- or propose one- that he or she will never forget!

VII. Taste the best wines in wineries closed to the public

An absolute must are family owned wineries in the countryside where you will truly experience local culture and interact with locals. You are their exclusive guests and they are happy to share their knowledge with you. A must for connoisseur and appreciator alike!

VIII. Say yes to the truffles, world class wine and olive oil in Istrian region

Yes, food and wine scene is absolutely amazing and yes you can have truffles in Croatia, not only Italy. Truffles are paired with the delicious white wine Malvazija and the award winning olive oil from the region. Truffle hunting with dogs and truffle dinner in local village is something special any foodie should experience!

IX. Experience cooking class with world class local chefs

Because of the many cultural influence in Croatia, every region is famous for different specialty dish. As history was shaping Croatia to what it is today, different cultures and countries left huge impact on food. Try the best of each region as you travel through luxury Croatia with our culinary journeys that source the best of the best each region has to offer.

X. Visit private island and taste one of the best oyster known from Roman times

Oysters have been farmed in the Peljesac Peninsula since Roman times. We suggest learning about the cultivation of oysters in the area, with lunch prepared by one of the farmers who will catch, prepare and serve sweet Croatian oysteroysters so they are as fresh as they can possibly be. Add some sunshine and local wine and you are guaranteed to have enjoyed one of the best experiences in luxury Croatia!

Bonus: More exclusive experiences

Jewelry: have delicate filigreed silver or coral pieces made just for you in artisan shops, and ateliers.

Designer clothing: Come home with pieces that will stand out in their high quality and design by stars in the fashion world.

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

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