Top 5 Travel Destinations to Combine with Croatia to Make It Amazing!

Croatia is a beautiful destination, but if you love exploring a region and have the time to do so, here are suggestions in the Balkans – and beyond.


5 Top European Travel Destination in the Balkans and Beyond You Don’t Want Missing to Explore

#1 Venice and Rome, Italy

One of the most popular European travel destinations overall – Venice! It makes it a perfect fly in or fly out destination when combining with Croatia. I suggest to use Venice as fly in or fly out travel destination that can be easily connected with Istrian region (Pula or Rovinj) via ferry that only takes about 3 hrs to reach Croatia.

Also, Split and Dubrovnik airports have direct flights to Rome so it is very easy to connect these two travel destinations as well.

#2 Greece

Croatia and Greece – one of the most popular vacation combinations! Direct flights go from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split and makes these two destinations easily connectable.

Perfect for people who have 10 or more days to spend for their vacation. Athens is just one direct flight away.

#3 Slovenia

Croatia’s neighbor, Slovenia is also growing as a tourist destination. Ljubljana and Lake Bled are most visited sights and can be easily reach from Istrian region in Croatia or capital city of Zagreb as a day tour or multi-day arrangement.

Slovenia is one of the most hidden gems of this part of Europe and amazing for people who love nature and soft adventure – so many exciting options there to pick.

#4 Montenegro

Montenegro – just next to famous Dubrovnik makes it yet another destination that can be easily combined with Croatia. Either as a day trip from Dubrovnik to visit Budva and Kotor, or multi day trip to see Cetinje, NP Skadar Lake and many other off the beaten path travel  destinations. 

Well worth visiting with couple days on the travel destination at a great value. 

Also, there are luxurious vacation places to stay to end your Balkans journey in comfort and style.

#5 Albania

Who would think of Albania!? You would be surprised as how many people showed interest in this gorgeous, yet not discovered by many tourists, destination.

3 UNESCO sites, non-touristy and ancient cities, tasty local food and numerous sandy beaches!

This is definitely up and coming destination that we will be seeing much more in the near future.

Tirana, Kruje, and Butrint make the hot spots and Tirana is used as main airport in Albania.  Have adventurous clients wanting to be the first one somewhere – this is a place to suggest!




BONUS: Other easily combinable European travel destinations with Croatia:


Belgrade and Serbia:

Belgrade is a beautiful city and Serbia’s countryside is gorgeous and perfect for one who loves nature, history and untouched villages. Serbian food and wines are delicious!  A direct flight from NYC on the premium air product Air Serbia (a sister of the luxury Etihad) gets you there and elsewhere in the region in comfort and style.

Slovakia and Bucharest: 

Why not explore deeper into the Balkan region while you are there? 


Continue your Old World Journey to Budapest and Hungary!

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