Theresa’s Top Travel Destinations 2019

Are you looking for top travel destinations in 2019? I seek to offer my clients exciting destinations that are a combination of (some) popular- and ways of thinking of these tried and true in a new light, some up-and-coming, and some that may push your...

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Volunteering Vacations – Bergen Magazine

A trip will do you good. These trips can do good for others too. Travel with an ulterior purpose doesn’t always work. Consider the sailor in the old song who joined the Navy to see the world. “And what did I see?” he sang plaintively. “I saw the sea.”...

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Give the Gift of Travel

It is impossible to overstate the lasting effect of the gift of travel. Beyond the immense surprise and joy given in the moment, it is the moments that last forever - in memory, in the change in life travel brings.   It is the bonds strengthened when...

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