Give the Gift of Travel

It is impossible to overstate the lasting effect of the gift of travel. Beyond the immense surprise and joy given in the moment, it is the moments that last forever – in memory, in the change in life travel brings.


It is the bonds strengthened when traveling together as a couple – or whole family.

It is the perspective that is broadened that informs the way one looks at the world from that experience onward.

It is the enhanced learning.

It is the adventure that exploded boundaries or fired the imagination.


The Gift that Keeps Giving …

Last year, as a luxury travel advisor I helped …

  • A family surprised their mother with her dream trip to Scotland and Ireland so that she could explore family roots, along with castles and history (we arranged a celebratory high tea as well).
  • A husband gifted his wife with a birthday milestone in Colombia;
  • a wife and husband celebrated their 50th anniversary with a culturally adventurous trip to Vietnam and Cambodia; and still another couple to the sights, sounds and smells of Morocco.
  • A family celebrated a high school graduation on a journey in high style and educational insider access in Prague, Vienna and Budapest.
  • A family celebrated time together with adult children in France.
  • A group gave each other a “Friends’ Gift” to explore Italy by bike.
  • A man gifted himself with a wellness and adventure trip to Sri Lanka.

Each was curated according to the personal specifications of the travelers, so each journey was unique in all the world.

Travel comes in so many forms.

Why not spice up your travel dreams to add sparkle to your holidays?

Whomever it is for, the gift of travel is the one gift that lives forever in hearts and memory.

You can contact us at theresa@EnlightenedJourneysTravel.com or 800-660-7811 to get your Travel Gift Certificate to journeys that are not like any other.

We are glad to work through ideas that will personalize the gift to the recipient(s)- that is our passion and talent!


And while you start that dreaming, here are some suggestions to use that travel gift certificate towards:

A European Exploration, in new ways

village and church, surrounded by lake and mountains in Europe, an European exploration

Be it by land (cars and trains) or river (cruising brings your boutique hotel with you), exploring Europe never disappoints.

Switzerland offers the perfect summer or winter vacation for families because of all the time you can spend outdoors together. For people loving physical activity in your vacation, consider a biking journey, as all or a portion of your trip. Late Spring and fall are perfect for adults whose wish lists include a great train or sports car journey, wine-tasting and of course gorgeous views. The Balkans are the new-new; Croatia is so hot a destination, it is a must-do. But go beyond to less touristic spaces as well, like Slovenia.

  • Explore a passion on a Spring Tulip or Christmas market itineraries (these are great to organize with your special group that we can help get special inclusions just for you!).
  • Portugal is of great interest now from Lisbon to its mountains and islands (the Azores are yet to be discovered by United States citizens beyond heritage).
  • Or by river, explore the interior of Europe, like along the Rhine in Germany, France all the way to Switzerland. Or see castles along the Rhone; and the Danube with its imperial cities never disappoints. Or be part of a wine exploration cruise in Bordeaux or along the Duoro in Portugal.

Sun, Sand, and Beautiful Sea

private island in the ocean, sun, sand, and beautiful ocean

Why do the same all-inclusive when there are less-traveled and more exotic places to create memories?

The South Pacific, French Polynesia, Fiji, the Cook Islands are easy to reach and can be explored as actively or as relaxed as you desire.

They can be combined with Australia or New Zealand (in fact, they make a great stop on the way home to break up the flight!).

And speaking of combining locations, you can have a wonderful beach stay in the Indian Ocean to end an African safari, or combine the Maldives on easy flights with India or the Middle East.


bhutan flags and monastery, gift of travel, custom adventure travel

Adventure can mean anything that excites the imagination, or explores a passion.

Hone skills by combining an African safari or hiking journey to Machu Picchu with photography lessons, or add a cooking class, hiking or biking excursions, a painting seminar to the mix wherever you go, depending on the interests of those for whom you want to create the gift.

And your active adventurers?

Go far and wide into the world.

  • See why Bhutan scores highest national gross happiness index, trek in Nepal.
  • See the eclipse in a special spot in Chile next year.
  • Go deep into India and add a tiger safari by traveling camp.
  • Patagonia beckons from mountain to sea.
  • Hike ancient pilgrim routes, and explore local culture – and rejuvenate in the evenings through pampering, comfortable beds and pampering.
  • Bike almost anywhere in the world in journeys with other like-minded people, or a journey just for your group.

Anything you dream of – even a solo challenge, bring to us and we can custom-build it to the perfect vacation!

Sprinkle in Special Moments

Open bucket list spaces, such as the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel just for your loved ones, have a special dinner set up on a mountain top or on the beach, have a Tai Chi lesson on the Great Wall of China, a blessing by monks in Asia – our travel advisors can create those moments of surprise that delight anyone on your list.

So whether you have a dream destination or need suggestions based upon passions or different interests within a group, we can help to create the perfect journey – and make you the ROCK STAR OF GIFT-GIVING.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

At Enlightened Journeys Travel, we design handcrafted travel itineraries for your immersive journeys of a lifetime.

Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!